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Bro Code: Parenting Teenage Boys

Weston Academy

The first Bro Code: Parenting Teenage Boys session was fantastic, and we highly recommend anyone interested to register for the upcoming session. The next session is scheduled for April 18th, and you can register for it by clicking the link provided below.

Pastor Pierce is an exceptional mentor and teacher with a wealth of experience. He has previously facilitated mentorship programs for our middle school boys, such as “My Brother’s Keeper.” Currently, he has partnered with The Center for Youth and Families to create “The Bro Code”. While the first session has already taken place, there are four more sessions available for participation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and caring mentor.

Register using the link below, the session are every other week.


[Photos 2018 My Brother Keeper – Middle School Mentorship Program]

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