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Weston Preparatory Academy


More About The School

At Weston Preparatory Academy, a public charter school in Detroit, Michigan, serving grades K-8, our mission is to foster a strong sense of community through education. We facilitate and encourage educators, families, community, and business partners to actively contribute to our students’ education, utilizing academic skills, creativity, and technology. We set well-defined academic goals and behavior expectations that lead to lifelong learning, ensuring our students become productive members of a peaceful global society.

What do we offer?

👉 Character Building & Education Club
Hosted by Mrs. Tress, this club is open to Grades K-5th and offers a variety of activities that encourage self-discovery, building friendships, self-expression, and character development. Kids can have fun while learning important skills that will help them throughout their lives. Join us and watch your child grow into a confident and well-rounded individual!
👉 Intramural Sports
This program, hosted by Mr. Phillips, is for grades 5-8. Students will learn and play basketball, football, volleyball and more. Students will also build teamwork and sportsmanship skills that will benefit them on and off the field.
👉 Summer School
This is a fantastic opportunity for struggling students to enrich their learning and catch up with their peers. Families of new students are also welcome to inquire about our summer school program if additional learning support is needed.
👉 After-School Tutoring
If your student is struggling academically, don’t worry! This program is here to help to get your student back on track if they feel like they’ve fallen behind. We’re here to support your student’s success!
👉 Girl Scout Troops
Our Girl Scouts troop is hosted by the fabulous Ms. Collins and Ms. Winston. This is a place where girls learn important life skills, explore their interests and make lifetime memories. Whether it’s camping, hiking, volunteering in the community, or just having fun together, our Girl Scouts troop has something for every girl. Join us and unleash your inner girl power!
👉 Boys Mentorship Programs
This program is designed for middle school boys throughout the year. They are hosted by community leaders who are passionate about helping our boys grow in the right direction. We also offer opportunities for parents to get involved and participate.
👉Weston Outdoor Club
Are you ready for an adventure? Our motto is ‘ Let’s Go….Outside!’ and we take that to heart. This program is perfect for the 4th-5th graders who want to explore the great outdoors.

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22930 Chippewa, Detroit, MI 48219   |   Phone (313) 387-6038   |   Fax (313) 387-6180

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