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Gun Violence in Schools: A Resource Guide on How to Talk to Your Child

Weston Academy

Weston Families,

Our hearts are heavy in light of the recent tragic events at Oxford High School. Our flag on campus is flying at Half Staff and our thoughts and well wishes remain with the Oxford community. We understand that news of this nature can be difficult for students, staff and families. Please know that the safety and well-being of your student(s) remain our number one priority.  Like all school districts, Weston Preparatory Academy is committed to creating a safe school environment where all students can learn and thrive.  

We want to remind you of the various safety protocols we have in place to protect our students and staff. Our safety measures include but not limited to, active shooter procedures and lockdown drills. In addition, we have a strong, valued partnership with the Detroit Police Department with a shared focus on the health and safety of our students and staff.  We continue to review and practice our safety and security measures to ensure the safety of all who enter our doors.

While we are confident in these safety protocols, we know that we need the support of the entire community to protect the children we are privileged to serve. We ask that you speak to your children and urge them to reach out to school officials directly or through the State of Michigan’s Okay2Say tip line at 8-555-OK2SAY or OKAY2SAY@mi.gov if they hear of any potential dangerous actions that may put our school community at harm. We ask students, families, and community members to report all suspicious or threatening activity to law enforcement and/or school/district administration immediately. 

If any of your students are in need of support in the coming days. Please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

The following resources are provided to help you discuss this topic with your children:

We remain committed to working together as a community to ensure learning takes place in a safe environment. Thank you for your partnership on behalf of our students.

Educationally Yours, 

Farrah Adams, M.Ed. Principal                   

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