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Leadership Team

September 1, 2020 

Greetings WPA Families, 

I hope that each of you are enjoying the final days of summer and staying safe during this pandemic. I look forward to working with your school again this upcoming year. For those of you that I have not yet met, My name is Dr. Ticheal Jones and I serve as the Director of School Leadership for four schools within the CS Partners/Partner Solutions Educational Management Network. My primary role as the Director of School Leadership is to supervise and support the school leader, serve as the liaison between the school and Weston Preparatory Academy Board of Directors, and the authorizer Oakland University. I also support the school in successfully fulfilling their school improvement and charter contract goals. 

As you all get ready for the upcoming school year, I want to update you on a few things. After four wonderful years with the academy, Ms. McClean has moved on to take a role as a Superintendent at another school. We are certainly going to miss her and appreciate all of the great work accomplished over the past four years.

We cast a large net to try and find a new school leader candidate and were impressed with many of the individuals that submitted an application. There was a stand-out candidate that was selected to serve as the Principal, Ms. Farrah Adams. She is no stranger to the Weston family. She has been with the academy for the past 10 years as a lead teacher and most recently as the Assistant Principal. I have no doubt that she is going to do an outstanding job in this new role! Additionally, I want you to be aware of some other key individuals that serve on the leadership team and will work very closely with the Principal. 

Assistant Principal – Tracy Parker. She has been with the Academy for ten years as a classroom teacher and Title One Coordinator and done a phenomenal job in those roles. She will now step into this role to facilitate student and family engagement and a host of other duties. 

Chief Academic Officer – Natae Penn. She has been with the academy for 9 years serving as the Director of Curriculum & Instruction. She will continue with these duties and a few others as we continue to move Weston forward academically. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by contacting the school office. We look forward to a great school year beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020. 

Educationally, Dr. Ticheal Jones 

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Budget Transparency Reporting