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Building Families and Communities Through Education


Letter from our Principal



Welcome to another school year!  I am proud to continue to serve Weston Preparatory Academy and am excited to enter into another school year. We are looking forward to continuing with our team teaching which allows our students to have the same teachers for two years to increase academic rigor and solidify school expectations. We are looking to ensure that our students can achieve to the high standards we set for them.


We are a family oriented community based center for learning. We provide services for our students, parents and staff. This year we will provide Parenting and Teaching with Love and Logic for our parents and staff. Our students will continue to benefit from our mentoring programs such as Pretty Brown Girls and a male mentoring program.


Our motto here at WPA is “Building families and communities through education.” It is our firm belief we are a part of the community and a part of that village that it takes to raise a child. We take pride in our students and we honor our parents for the outstanding commitment they display in being our number one team player to obtain the best education for their children. We consider it a privilege to be a school that is here to educate, empower and love our students and families.


Visitors and volunteers are always welcome at WPA. We encourage you to come by, volunteer to assist a teacher or participate in a school activity, and see your child in action. The student handbook is very important for parents and guardians to read and understand. Important phone numbers, information about our school, your child’s school day routines, the expectations regarding attendance, policies and procedures, and student behavioral expectations are all included on this website.


My door is always open if you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. You may reach me at (313) 387-6038 or ymcclean@westondetroit.com Thank you for the support you provide to your child and to our Academy school community. We are here to serve you and your family in this most important work.




Yvonne R. McClean, Principal